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Not really. Sure, ports have become a commodity, with low prices determining who gets the order. But, Hydraulock ports are better for three reasons:

1. Fast Shipping - We can get your ports to you right when you need them. We can ship fast because we have most standard port sizes in stock. You don't have to wait for a company to order them from over seas.

2. Quality parts - Avoid reworking cylinders, scrapping parts and being embarassed when bad ports make it to your customers.

3. Innovation - Hydraulock is an industry innovator in port design. We understand ports, no matter if you are looking for standard or unique designs. We developed a unique, chamfered port design that has been recognized as a leader in port design - and we did it for the same price that you're paying now..

Call us and see how we're different: 1.800.410.4558

Hydraulock carries the ports you are looking for - right size, right angle. We have them in stock and ready to ship - both full and broken boxes!
Click Here to Download SAE Port Pricing
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We understand that a good port price is important. Hydraulock has its finger on the pulse of the industry and is ready to provide excellent pricing backed by fast, knowledgable service. We understand ports - and we understand that you have a budget to keep!
Click Here to Download SAE Port Pricing
Click Here for a Free PDF Viewer

Hydraulock keeps the most common port sizes in stock and ready for shipping. If you have a unique cylinder size, we will work with you to provide our product at a price that fits your bottom line. Call us for details!

If you have a need, we have the solution. Call us to discuss how we can provide the ports you need:

- Chamfered

- Radiused

- Collared
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Stow, Ohio 44224, USA
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Hydraulock knows locknuts inside and out. Call us with your specifications and get ready for fast service and good pricing!

NPT Ports
These forged NPT ports are in-stock and ready to ship. Choose from a variety of sizes and configurations. For details and pricing, call us: 1.800.410.4558 : : 1396 Norton Road, Stow, Ohio 44224, USA
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  |  Phone: +1.800.410.4558

HYDRAULOCK DELIVERS Hydraulock is based in the Midwest, ideally positioned to ship your orders of locknuts, ports (SAE), NPT (National Pipe Thread/high pressure pipe fittings) and other hardware for hydraulics. We offer fair pricing, flexible quantities (low pricing on broken boxes), and fast shipping, to keep you up and running. Hydraulock is a division of TriState, a fastener company with a 30-year track record of providing both standard and custom hardware. Call us to see how our approach to traditional and innovative design is helping Hydraulock set its sights on being an industry leader! 1.800.410.4558

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